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Spa Wellness Weesp - Rude Service


Had a horrible experience with SpaWeesp more than a month ago. Booked massage for me and my friend for extra EUR 140 (pre-paid!) and never got it. They informed me about cancellation at the reception, I felt sooo confused in front of my friends.. They promised me a refund within 4 weeks (sic!), and they missed that deadline! Instead of an evening for relaxing, what I got now is tons of emails and phone calls trying to at least get my money back. Know what, SpaWeesp? I bet I deserve a double pay on this, it's the worst customer service I've seen in years!
P. S. Today it's almost 6 weeks since that day, and still no money on my account. I was definitely not leaving EUR 140 as a tip for the kind of treatment I was offered.

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